Can't read color name outside of new developer mode

I’m a developer interacting with a Figma created by a designer. When inside the new developer mode, if I click on an element I see the color listed like the below, in the right hand side properties menu

<<unable to upload more than 1 image as i’m a new user>>

If I turn off the new developer mode it displays like this. I can’t read the name, and clicking on it only copies the hex value. Theres no way to expand the size of the right side list. I need to be able to read the name, especially if the new developer mode is moving to a separate paid plan

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 10.50.30

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I hear your voice. Users with Edit access can view and update paint properties in a mixed selection:

Thanks for the feedback to the right panel. We will pass your feedback to our team for potential future iterations.

Thanks for your understanding.

@y_toku thanks

Just FYI, as a dev, I actively don’t want edit access as its incredibly easy to make changes by mistake while trying to work in Figma and dev tooling at the same time. Its essential for these type of issues to be addressed in read-only mode