Can't open any files in Figma at all

Hi all. My first time trying to open a Figma file and I see this screen. Is this normal?

Status page says that everything is available. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Luke! Hmm it works on my end.
Please reach out directly to the support team by filling out this form with the affected files here.

(Can you precise in the form if it’s just one or a few files affected, and please add to the files this happen on as an Editor (this won’t affect your billing at all) and send through a link so the team can take a closer look.
Please also precise if you see the same problem in any other browsers you have on your computer. Our supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.)

Also, can you also check if this happen on another network, like a mobile hotspot?
If it’s just happening on one network, you may need to adjust your proxy VPN or firewall settings as shown in Technical troubleshooting tips or speak to your IT Admins or ISP. Generally for problems affecting a single network we’re not able to troubleshoot as it would require access to your system or network settings.

Hope this helps!