Can't make any more prototype connections

Hi, guys!

I’m in a big trouble! I’m working on an app design. I made all the prototype connections, everything worked super and then I copied all the frames in order to make a dark theme without loosing any connections. Now, for some reason I can’t make any more links on any of these frames (able to do in only with other frames that are not included in the flow).

First, I thought it has to do something with coping the frames so I went to an old frame and tried to add a new connection to another old frame. It doesn’t work! I can see the link in prototype mode but when played there is no blue active zone there. Then I tried deleting all the new frames if it had something to do with size of the file and number of links bit nothing changed. I even tried to change an existing link to lead to another place and it broke (I still see the link but it doesn’t work).

I spend an awful amount of time on this project and it’s very important for me to be able to share a functional prototype. I’ll be very grateful if someone could help.