Can't find the source of these variables

I was given a Figma file from an agency and it’s using variables for color that dynamically change modes. It’s very cool, however, i cannot find the source of the variables, and therefore cannot build off of this file and extend the system. Please help! See this very short video!

I got this issue before when i added a library to my Figma file and what I did is like this:

If you are available to go through the main file with the local variables, you may export it using a plugin made by Honza Toman,, called Export/Import Variables and then import the json file to your file—so it will create the same variables with the same name and colors in your file.

She did say she can’t find the source, my dude.

@figma_tutor1 I have the same issue. Mystery variables showing up, cannot be found to be edited or removed. Where can I find it.

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This issue is driving me nuts atm. There are so many color variables in the file but I can’t find the source. The file is not linked to any library and the variables are not local. Every time I have to scroll to the bottom to pick my local colors.

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I thought she meant she was given a file with variables and wants to build it up in her own file. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, not sure about finding variables I tried to look if we can get variables here: Node Types | Plugin API just like how we can get styles but I can’t seem to find it.

But normal behavior I think is if you pasted something that has variables, Figma will create those variables by default and add it to your local variables. And even if you deleted the thing you pasted, the variables created won’t be removed.

This is a bonkers issue @Figma1 At least give us the option to kill all external variables from local files.

Or I’ll just keep refusing to use them.