Can't create any objects inside auto layout frame by clicking inside it

Hello! I want to create an object (text, shape, frame) inside the auto layout frame, but nothing works as it did before. The object appears above the auto layout frame, not inside it.

I checked it on my other account - it works as usual.

Record screen from main account:

Record screen from my other account, where everything is ok:

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Help! How to fix it on my main account? :melting_face:

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same issue right here… this is really getting on my nerves, as I now have to create an element, cut it and paste it into the right position where it should go :joy: I need this to be fixed ASAP pls!

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Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch! I understand that this issue is causing some frustration for you.

Voznesenski: I’ve noticed your ticket about this matter in our backend, and the Technical Quality team has responded. Please take a look when you have a moment.

Niko7: Our engineers are actively working on this issue. Appreciate your input here, and thank you for your patience while we work on resolving it.

Thank you,