Can't copy master components without variants

Problem: It is not possible to copy a local component as a new component if it has no variant. It is only possible if the component has at least one other variant. I can neither copy it on the same page nor on a new page. If I try to copy a component without a variant, I always get only one instance.

Desired behavior: If I copy a master component without variants, I do not want another instance but an identical but new master component. No matter whether I copy it to the same page or to a new page.


Or find plugins with the corresponding functionality in the Figma Community.

thanks for your quick response! That’s how it works - but it seems to be like a simply bug. I see no reason why you can only copy components with variants cleanly.

There is no bug here. Because:

Yes, this is currently the case, but I don’t see any use case where it makes sense to copy only component sets, but not a single component.