Can't copy Annotations text in Dev Mode in View Only

Recently we started to use Dev Mode in our company to make notes and instructions for Project Managers and Developers. Part of such notes PM’s use at their Handoff files and we used to make them by using simple Comments. But Comments not convenient because it covers content and interferes with viewing, so Dev Mode could be really useful for more compact notes and file organising.

Today we discovered that our PM’s can’t copy text from Annotations by simple select and CTRL+C. In fact, they can’t copy text at all if they have View only access. Can you please explain, if it possible to somehow copy text from annotations (in case we did something wrong). We know that we can give Edit rights, but this solution is not ideal for us and leads to some risks.

If it is not possible to copy from annotations at all - can you please add these feature at the near future? It would be really usefull for us and one of the main reasons why we started to use DevMode at the first place.


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Hey @n.sorokina, thanks for bringing this to our attention and so sorry for the frustration it’s caused!

We’ve passed this onto our Dev Mode team, and they’ve confirmed that this a bug. It’s now a priority for them to investigate and fix!

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Is there a status update on this? Today the design team received a proposal that the BAs don’t want to rework and retype all the annotations to the Jira tickets and asked if the design team can handle the communication with the Devs from henceforth.

I found this thread and updated them that this is a bug and will get fixed soon. If there is an estimate for the fix it would help us a lot. Thanks.

Thank you!

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Hey @Munta, thanks for the feedback!

Our team filed a bug report for this just yesterday, so they’ll be working on the fix this week and hope to have it start rolling out to users by early next week.