Cannot align ellipse and text?

Hi I am new to Figma and trying to figure out why I cannot perfectly align the + symbol and the ellipse here. It is driving me crazy.

Hey Austin, I had to check this with the team, and found out that if you uncheck Snap to pixel grid.

This is when Snap to pixel grid is turned on:

And this after I unchecked it:

Thank you very much. When I type out a + symbol, the bounding box does not snap to the edges of the symbol, it creates a strange ratio where the top is higher than the bottom, therefore does not align to the center of the circle. Is the only way to fix this is to outline the symbol? I would love to be able to keep my text editable instead of outlining it.

Got it, I tried it out and can’t find a proper solution for that, I think it’s not practical when you type the “+”, instead you could draw it as an icon.