Can you share a project without exposing the identity of each user with View access?

Is it possible to share a project so that each person with View access is unaware of (1) how many others have View access and (2) who has View access?

For example, we work Company A and Company B. Company A and B are competitors and need access to the same materials, but they should not be aware of each other on a project.

What do you reccomend?

For this use case, how many people would you need to manage this for?

Short answer is that Figma probably can’t handle (1) or (2) without some major workarounds, e.g. duplicating the file for each individual user that requires (1) and (2).

Another workaround is to export from Figma to a handoff tool (e.g. Zeroheight or Zeplin) where you can manage visibility of other people a bit better.

It’s a good feature request idea though, IMO.

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