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Can interactive components be used within an organization?


So I’ve signed up and I have access to the feature on anything new or existing within my personal drafts area, which is great. However when I attempt to use the feature within a design file that lives within my organization (which I imported / created) the feature is greyed out and says I need to be a part of the beta. I understand the separation of a user from an organization but ironically I’m the only Figma user within the organization outside of the person responsible for purchase at this time.

Is it really limited to only individuals and not available at the organizational level?



I believe I’ve found a work around to this or just got lucky I don’t know.

By moving the design file out of the organizational structure and turning the feature on while it is in drafts, it appears it will eventually work once you place that file back within the organization project. It didn’t work immediately but after coming back to the file after a couple of hours I can now toggle the ability.

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