Can I know how a member had access to my file?

Hello! :blush:

I discovered through the Share window that someone has gained access to my file (I don’t know if it’s the prototype, the file, or both…). She can only view it. The main problem is that she’s not from my company, but from a competing company.

I am the owner of the file, and my designer colleague can also edit it. We shared the link with our sales representatives, who then sent it to our clients. The clients can only view the prototype.

Is there a way to determine how the intruder gained access? I can clearly see that she has a Figma account. I have no idea if she was invited through a link or an invitation.

Thank you for your help.

Anyone with access to the prototype can view the file itself by clicking on the filename in prototype view, then clicking “view in editor.” As far as I know there’s no way to prohibit that.

If no one in your company shared the link with her, perhaps your client did? That’s the only other way she’d have gained access. You might want to password restrict links in the future to try and mitigate the risk of unauthorized parties finding your files.

Thank you for your help !