Can I get responsive results from Figma

I’m very new to Figma. From a client perspective, I’m not sure if my expectations align with what Figma provides.

I want a designer to provide me with a responsive prototype; a prototype that’s showing different content according to viewport aspect. I want to see when it switches to the other design.

I also want images to change when I scroll the page. That I want to be able to interactively see, too.

Basically, I’m expecting to get something behaving like this:


Can Figma, handled by a designer, provide me with this output?

Next, from what I know today, Figma neither outputs HTML, nor CSS or font specs. Am I right in my assumption that Figma seems to basically only output animated screeshots? Something similar to a PowerPoint presentation?

Please forgive me if I’m missing core Figma facts here. That’s actually what I’m looking for with my question.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reaching out here! Please let me help you better understand how Figma can help you.

I believe Figma meets your requirements and helps you turn your design into code.

I hope these help, but please let us know if you have further questions!


Thank you for your valuable reply, Toku!

I followed the documentation you’ve been referring to. Yet, I’m still missing to see a prototype that’s giving me an impression of advanced scrolling animation, like the one done on this web page:

NB: The page I’m referring to may display the content I want to demonstrate only on a PC or notebook web browser.