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By using interactive components beta, can we now create hover + click interactions?

Hi There,

Have done a lot of searching but was trying to figure out if by using interactive components I can now finally achieve the execution of creating a hover state that also allows the user to click to a new frame. I see this is not possible with traditional prototyping in figma.

Reading through the documentation it seems that by creating a varient of a component, I can create a second interaction on the 2nd variant to achieve this. I’ve tried a few ways and can’t get it to work. Only the initial hover state works.

Use case:

  1. Create interaction of a layer within a frame
  2. Interaction selection for this layer is to hover
  3. When hovering, it opens a component as an overlay
  4. This component has 2 variants, where the first variant allows a swap to the second variant
  5. The second variant links to a new frame in the prototype
    note: The component in question was using auto layout, and I tried to removing autolayout. This did not fix the issue.

Has anyone gotten this to work? Or is it still not even possible? If not possible, I don’t understand why this capability is missing. This is an extremely common use case in most digital products where the user will see a tooltip to indicate where they can click and its just not possible to do without creating very bulky prototypes :frowning:

Have you followed the steps on the playground? Row 5, Column 3.

For me this works, BUT I still have cases where this is not enough. Hover and Click should NOT be mutual exclusive.
I’ve raised a feature request. Maybe you like to upvote the request.

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