Bulk edit for variables and collections

I think bulk editing for variables will faster our work time. If we could delete multiple collections at once. Then we won’t have to open up the collection list and move the cursor all the way down and delete it. If you have so many collections the distance will be much longer.

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Or having some action’s alongside each list item would be nice too! Something like rename and delete icons aligned to the right

That’s a cool idea! We can just have a pencil icon and a trash icon alongside the collection. But it should come with a confirmation for deleting flow.

We need the ability to bulk edit multiple variable’s settings at one time. Specifically, I’m talking about the settings that appear when you click on the settings icon to the right of the variable (pic attached).


Yea, this one is way more important! Clicking dozen of times to re-assign a scope is a pain indeed

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We could really use the ability to bulk edit scope and publishing visibility. Loving variables but having to go one-by-one takes the steam out of things.

I hope that’s one a the thing Figma will work on before the Official Release :slight_smile:

I’m stepping up to using Figma from Canva. One of the key features I used in Canva was their BulkEdit plugin. This allows entry of topics and subjects to replace keywords in the design and duplicates the design to multiple pages with that new data. This is great for creating large batches of designs.

I couldn’t find a plugin that replicates this in Figma. Can someone please help me find this tool that I need?

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