Bulk delete component property

How can I delete a component property in bulk?

I’m managing a set of 7000 icons variants, each component having a common property. Manually removing unnecessary properties by individually clicking on each one is time-consuming. How can I efficiently delete this 7000 properties from the components?

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I understand the pain. Unfortunately, it’s not in our current feature, but we value your feedback, and I’ll make sure to pass it on to our internal team for future consideration. Thank you again!

plus 1 for this!

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@Temitope2 Try the following workaround.

  1. Select all your components variants (a quick way to do this is to select all components and then press “Enter” to select all variants).

  2. Press “Command + R” to rename all layers. In the “Match” field enter the property and value pair of the property you need removed "Style=Solid, " (do include the ", ") if there are more than 1 properties assigned.

  3. Leave the “Rename to” field empty and click the “Rename” button. This will remove the “Style” property from all the selected icons variants.

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Hi Ivan,

Thanks for adding the valuable information! That looks awesome. I didn’t know that. I hope this helps others:) @Temitope2

Thanks again,

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