Bugs within the 'Tokens Studio' plugin

Has anyone else been experiencing any bugs while using the ‘Tokens Studio’ plugin?
I have experienced multiple bugs found in our design system (random colors changed, text styles unlinked in figma, random blocks of color added to icons, etc). This happens whenever I open the plugin.

The plugin is wonderful for registering tokens and uploading them to Gitlab. But the amount of random issues we have encountered while just opening the plugin, has become very frustrating.

If anyone else has discovered any bugs with this plugin, please let me know. I would love to find a solution this.



Please contact the developers of this plugin.

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Same here @Ryan_Sheehan. Today everything crashed!

Thats unfortunate news @Robin_Van_Zessen. What happened specifically with the crash? Did random component start changing or is the plugin unable to be opened?

I have been in consistent contact with the developers of this plugin but we can’t seem to get to the bottom of the issues I’ve been having. Im curious to see if other users have had similar issues. @tank666

So, I’d contact with the developers and we solved it! There was a difference between token values and the actual values applied.

The tips that helped me:

  • Check in the inspect panel for debugging
  • Change the setting from apply to document to apply to selection so that not the whole document gets affected when you try changes.

Maybe these tips can help you as well @Ryan_Sheehan!

Thanks @Robin_Van_Zessen !
When you check in the inspect panel for debugging, what specifically are you looking for to indicate that it needs to be debugged? Is there a notification on an element within a component in the inspect panel?

A bit of a late reply. When selecting, for example, a button; there was a small icon next to the token in the inspect panel which shows that it’s not connected / that it was a local style. This helped me to debug and reconnect the token, because I had to remove some styles. Hopefully, this makes sense to you. @Ryan_Sheehan

I also find this deeply frustrating.

Thank you @Robin_Van_Zessen. Is the icon you are talking about that indicates its not connect the “un-linked” icon (seen in the screenshot I put here) ?
Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 9.43.58 AM

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I’ve not seen that icon before. For me, it was this indicator in the image. It was referring to a local style.

I don’t know if it’s allowed in the community to place links, but I would recommend to you to join their Slack community:

This will help you to solve it quickly! :smiley:

Interesting, I dont see that icon in mine.

Amazing, thank you @Robin_Van_Zessen

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I’m not sure some of what you are experiencing are bugs. I had similar and then work out it was user error where I had previously applied some tokens to thinks by mistake, like an icon fill and then ‘fixed them’ in the Figma UI. When the tokens reload/refresh, they are reapplied and because I didn’t earlier fix them in the plug-in by removing the token, the mistakes came back. Check through your layers where these issues occur and look for mid-applied tokens.

Separately though, today the plug-in won’t open and gives me the start screen. I hope it’s temporary and I haven’t lost all work.

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Thats the same method im following now and that seems to solve some of my bug issues. I’ve still be having issues with text styles being detached in Figma when changed in the plug in. Still trying to figure out.