Bug with copy past text between Figma Design File and FigJam board -› Auto converting auto-width text box in text box width fixed size


I tried to find a answer to my problem on this forum before to create this post without success.

When I copy past text from a Figma Design File in a FigJam my text box is in auto-width but If I copy paste a new text in this FigJam box text the auto-width is auto converted in a text box width fixed size without the ability to come back to an auto-width text box :

Someone have a solution to my problem or it’s a know bug by the Figma Team who will correct this bug in a new version of FigJam ?

Thanks in advance for your future answer :slight_smile:

PS : like you see on my video the text style auto-change too and we are limited to 4 fonts in FigJam (Simple / Bookish / Technical / Scribbled) will we be able in future version of FigJam to choose our own fonts like in a Figma Design File ?

I found a new bug related to copy paste a text box Figma Design File to a FigJam Board.

If you copy paste a « group » of text boxes in a FigJam Board, you will have the ability to keep the functionality to edit text styles and keep your own font but if you do the same with a « frame » which contain text boxes, you will not :

You can use my plugin—Change Font.

Frames cannot be created in the FigJam UI, hence the limitations. But you can use FigJam main menu, quick actions, plugins, markdown or shortcuts to change the font size, style, decorations, etc.

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Thanks a lot for your tip and your plugin :smiling_face: :raised_hands:

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