BUG: Preview not preserving hide/show in component instances...until you manually swap with preview open

I have created an interactive dropdown component with ~10 items that can be hidden or shown, but are shown by default.

When editing an instance, I have no problem hiding items to create a dropdown with the correct number of options. And, as long as my component instance is in the “expanded” state, all of the hide/shows are preserved when the component is interacted with.

However, if the component is in the “collapsed” state, then when previewing the interaction the component defaults to the master component’s hide/show.


…until I swap variants with the preview open. Then it starts working.


Nested-List component don't update overwritten labels - Prototype bug - #4 by tank666.

Hey tank, thank you for the reply. However, I don’t think your previous replies quite solve my issue. I have a hidden list and identical structure/naming scheme across both variants:

Again, this structure has no problem preserving things like text changes, and does remember to hide/show items when used as an instance…it just doesn’t work in preview.

Ok, after some experimentation, (I ended up deleting and re-adding the “collapsed” variant and re-hiding the “Drop Items” menu. Thank you Tank666!

Could you share a link to the example file?