Bug: layer palette indication of a Mode Variable persists after mode no longer exists on frame


I spent a while crafting the title of this post, and I still feel like I did a poor job.

There’s this new thing called Mode Variables. I’m not a fan at all of how unintuitive the feature is. (I feel like it’s designed inside-out. Please make me assign the mode to the outer frame first. Or, maybe don’t conflate the feature with regular old name-value pair variables. “This variable has 3 columns! It’s now a Mode! Please specify the key!”) But this bug makes mode variables beyond incomprehensible.

Tragically, the only way to get rid of mode-variable switching on a frame that I can find is to remove mode variable values from every single one of its children, which you currently have to examine node-by-node to see if they exist. Please tell me there is some other way.

But! Even if you do manage to somehow exterminate all values of the Variable Mode, the layer palette still indicates that mode switching is available on the outer frame. You either have to switch pages and come back, or reload the tab to see the correct info.


Above the only two fields that use the mode’s values are label and price. I’ve disassociated both of these text nodes from the mode’s values, and yet “cherries” still shows up. It goes away upon page switching or tab reloading.


I agree. This feels like a real problem.

@figma, you shouldn’t release features that are half way ready. As part of the design community, you should redefine your MVP. I just spent hours updating my Design System to Variables, only to learn this problem with not being able to delete modes. And, there’s no way to copy variables across files. And, you can’t assign variables to anything other than solid fills, including being unable to fill an effect with a variable

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