"Bring to front" explaining to beginners

If someone can link me or explain to me please :upside_down_face:

I am confused because I working on tabs components and when I want bring my tab in front (menu/Object/Bring to Front) send my Tab’s layer all the way down to down like:

layers in group before bring to front:

Tabs (its first on top, but then tabs is not in visually in front of body, so body overlay Tabs)

after bring to front
Tabs (tabs is below Body)

I am really confused

it’s confusing why “bring to front” send my layer on bottom in Figma?

As I said I use all my life Illustrator and form my perspective that means when I choose “bring to front” this object go to top visually (overlay all others ) and also will be on top of all layers inside that group.

Why Figma do opposite? What I’m doing wrong and how change that? lol


Hey @Vladimir_Marinovic_Martini,
Thanks for giving details of your issue! Can you please clarify what do you mean by “tab” , you mean any assets such as frame, component etc?
Here a quick video recording I bring to the front two assets (the first blue square is a frame, and the red square is a component).

Can you share a quick screen recording of what’s happened on your end? I can try to replicate the issue to check what’s causing this. :slightly_smiling_face: