Bricks- & base-components in public figma library

Friends, I have a big dilemma.

The design system I took over has two files:

  1. Library.fig
  2. Guideline.fig

In the Guidelines, the previous design system designer just repeated what was already in the Library.

The only differences are:

  • short explanation for each component (no big deal)
  • bricks and base components exist only in the Library-file. The Guidelines-file appears cleaner as a result.

Would you leave the concept of 2 files?

I’m just thinking of killing the Guidelines. But not sure. If I do it, I have to find a way how to hide brick-components and base-components.

How do you deal with bricks and base components in a public Figma library? Do you hide them somewhere?

Initially they were necessary to build the components, but now they clutter the pages and don’t look appealing. At first sight, they might look strange to a developer.