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Branching on published icon library resulted in components turning into instances


I tried the branching functionality on a library file with all our icons yesterday and today. The file include an old copy of the material icons and I needed to get it up to speed with the latest version of the material icons.

To add the new icons I created a new branch on the file. On the new branch all components become instances of the published components. I didn’t think more about it at the time yesterday and recon that the instances would become the actual components once I merged the changes back into them branch.

When merging the branch back in today I notice that the components are still instances of the components after the merge. If I publish the library a lot of icons would disappear.

Luckily it is easy to see the before and after the branching in the version history of the file. Here is a before image:

And here is an after image:

I tried to fix it with detaching the instances and creating components from the frames again, but that resulted in the following publishing issue where the “old component” with the exact same name comes up as removed in the publish-library dialog while the new version with the exact same name comes up as added.

Added “new component”:

Removed “old component”:

Is it safe to publish this file? Will depending files still reference the correct components or will they turn up as broken links?

Another option would be to go back in time to the previous published version of the file before the branching and the issues this has caused and add the new icons without the usage of branching.

Hi Kenneth, responded to you in a DM.

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