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Branching for non-org teams

Branching is awesome, but restricting it to org-only teams is not. Experimentation and versioning are essential, table-stakes practices in product design, no matter the number of designers on a team.

Figma has always been focused on making great design accessible to and inclusive of all, but this pricing strategy is exclusionary in nature. Even if there are restrictions for number of branches, branching should be available to non-org teams. Please fix.


Voted! I sincerely hope this was a mistake :slight_smile:

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I agree with you 100%.

Yes it’s a shame if it’s for organization only, i hope this just for the beta… Beacause the non-org plan have teams and need also this kind of features !

I think it’s a must-have feature even for the smallest design entity. We always do branching for explorations, iterations or whatever. But at the moment in a more or less manual way, e.g. via version history or via duplicating files. There are many use cases where branching is very very useful.

I absolutely agree. Branching as implemented on Figma is absolutely groundbreaking, and it could be the way to make Figma become the equivalent to Github for designers. But limiting it to Org will keep it as something most users will never see, hindering the ability to learn how to work in a professional environment.

If anything, I think this is backwards: branching is something that Figma should push to the widest audience possible, and make it available for Open Source projects for instance.

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100% agree. Why restrict it to Org? We are a team of 2 designers and our current pipeline is to create mockups meeting the requirements, without adding any extra nice to haves first, so the DevTeam knows exactly what to do for the next release. But of course the UX work continues, after the Dev-Handoff and also Text QA is taking place on the “first concept”, whiel UX is already working on the next steps.


Why restrict it to Org?

Monetization? :slight_smile: I guess the hypothesis was that because this is a real pain for many small teams or even individuals, so it’s a great way to force us to upgrade to the Org plan. Plus, the Org plan has a yearly subscription :moneybag: Not sure if this will work though :slight_smile:

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We looked into upgrading, but for three times the cost and no other useful, for us at least, feature it makes little sense. Not to mention the annual billing doesn’t work for companies who us a lot of contractors, it’s way too rigid.


As @Laszlo_Ambrus said. Thinking about cost and benefit, it’s just makes me really sad. For us, there is nothing that justifies the increase of costs for “just” the branching. I hate to say “just” because I’d say it’s essential, but currently the work around costs us less than paying the annual subscription.

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I hope we get some clarity on this because it’s a feature that 100% benefits all designers. I’d expect this to be at least on the pro plan.

On the other hand, seems like the dark theme is much more important to the majority of designers here :smiley:

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I’m on a team of 8 or so. While we don’t need all the organization features out our size, we definitely need this one! Totally agree.

This is a great call. I’m in full support.

I also feel like pro plan should have at least some version of the branching feature. Maybe offering it as a paid addon for less than the extra $30/editor.