Branch not merging

I just noticed an issue with merging a branch to main file.
I am trying to merge as usual, the main file updates for few moments but after that if reloads back to the state before merging. The branch is not taged and not archived.

I tried to create merge branch on another file and new branch on the same file and both merged with out a problem.

So not sure if this is a problem with size of the file or branch, some conflicts (none pops up), or with whatever else. Anyone had similar issue or know the solution?

Thanks in advance,


Same problem here!

I’m having the same problem, and it’s happening more often now. Quitting and restarting Figma used to work, but it’s not this time.

Ditto – same problem, and it’s happening more often to us too

Does this problem still persist? My branch is ready to merge, conflicts resolved, but after loading bounces me back to main branch… both browser and app. Reopening does not help. Reboot maybe…

For what it’s worth, I talked with support and did not came up with any special solution for now. They know about the issue, and I hope they can fix it soon.

In the meantime, I decided to merge the branch by hand (Copy/paste changes and new screens to main file and archived the branch). We could do it, as it was pretty simple branch, and I did not stumbled on the issue again so far.

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Thank you i dziekuje Mateuszu. Sonia

Having the same issue. Pretty frustrating to see a bug at this level considering with how fundamental expecting to see changes from a branch into the master is for this feature.

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Having an issue with updating a branch from the main file. The modal appears and any attempt to click on the button ‘Keep main’ continues to ‘do nothing’. As if the button itself has become disabled. I’ve tried 5x and it will not update. Halp.