Branch diff UI is nearly unusable

Hello! Design system maintainer here. I love the ability to create branches in Figma files, it’s incredibly useful for me as a systems architect. However, I wanted to share that using the diff features, required to merge branches that are out of sync with the main branch, is nearly unusable. The UI is incredibly slow, and freezes constantly. I sometimes have to wait 30sec+ for an individual diff to load, and sometimes they don’t load at all. This is pretty annoying.


I have this issue too.

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Have the same problem, even small changes take forever to load.

@Ivana_Maskova Could you please create a new topic with more comments and feedback on your experience specifically? It would be helpful to have more context on how you’re working within your design system, especially since there have been updates since this topic last had a response. This can help us provide additional suggestions (and also note your feedback specifically).

I’m going to close this topic since it is older, and we’d want to have better visibility into this as a new topic :blush: