Better "Hmm" error page for users that are not logged in

Current workflow :frowning:

  • I share a file for everybody in my company and send the link to a developer
  • Developer clicks the link and sees tha message reading “This file may have been deleted, moved, or made unavailable. Try reaching out to the file owner”
  • The developer contacts me to tell me the link is not working
  • I write the developer that they have to go to, click “Log in”, click “Use single sign-on”, then click my link again.

That is overly complicated and embarrassing for me as a designer and for Figma as a design tool.

Improved workflow:
The error page should detect if a user is not logged in. It should then show a modified text, like “This file is not publicly available. Please log in”. And offer all the log in options, basically being a log in screen with an error message on top.


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