Bad responsive for swipe and delete on Iphone

I have made an swipe-delete action in my app. It works great in the simulator, but in my device it works quite bad. Sometimes I get to the action but many times it won’t respond. is there any tweaks I can do to make it work more reliable on the devise? Sometimes I need to repeat the action/swipe 3-4 times before anything happens, but in the simulator I never need to. Thanks for any ideas!

Hey Andreas, could you let me know what specifically happens in the Mirror app when trying to preview a prototype and interact with it? A quick screen recording demonstrating the issue in action would be the most helpful. It would also be great to see how the prototype behaves in the browser to compare.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. The video above is from the simulator in the browser, and that works how I want it to work.
Here is a video of how it works in my phone through mirror: (every time you see it moves, that’s me trying to swipe a line to some direction, so I need to give it a few tries as you can see) :slight_smile:

(The video comes in a moment, I am not able to share it through phone now for some reason)

…and just to clarify, the last step where Im trying to swipe and it comes back, that on purpose. I wanted to act like I “regret” the swipe…
Anyways, I hope these videos makes the issue clear? Please advice if you can. The prototype is simple, it’s a “on drag” action.with smart animate…

How did you achieve that common intuitive onDrag response without actual dragging the item in list moving left off the screen, but growing in height and showing the button?

Hi, I did an “on-drag” action - to “change-to” - and then point that on another frame where the delete-button is on the left. (if that’s what you mean…)

Ah…now I understood your question better. That was done by changing the layout on that frame. (The new frame I am landing on) so, instead of having the layout vertical in that frame, it’s now horizontal :+1:

Hi all, anyone have any tips to me for some tweaks or methods I can try or change to have this swipe action more smooth? Or is it a bug? Anyone else facing this issue? My device is an iPhone 12 mini by the way…

add a square shape under all the elements in the button and maybe assign the onDrag function not on the parent frame of the button but on some draggable element inside the list element

Hi, thanks. That actually worked pretty well! Thanks for the tips! I noticed though that for some reason the swipe only work for curtain directions, and that’s fine. But I would like to switch the direction. Is that possible? I would like the first swipe to be activated for left swipe only, and the second swipe (to regret/go back) should be right direction.
Do you know how I can do that? I can not see any alternatives for directions, just “on drag”. Thanks!