Automatic frame height

Hello all :wave:
I was wondering if it’s possible to make a frame adaptable to the browser screen height dynamically when prototyping. I found a plugin (Auto resize height) but no sure if it’s for this purpose, anyway, it’s seems to be broken. Thanks for your help!


Would be great to have this!

I’ve always believed that pinning Top and bottom a fixed frame into a parent frame, when prototyping, this would respect the height of the browser when sharing the prototype… but this is not working in this way and maybe should?

No solution with this? Is it actually possible with current Figma capabilities or with any plugin? Thanks :slight_smile:

+1! I hate that my prototype may end up being like 50% of it’s regular size because it scales down to fit on a laptop screen… Figma team can we PLEASE get a “use browser window as frame” option?!

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