Autolayout in nested components breaks layout

Hi all,

we experience a strange behaviour with components that have compoents within. Setting them up is straight forward and the behaviour is as expected. That also lasted for months now and worked fine. Since approx. 1 week the nested components break the layout, resulting in content outside of the fixed frame. Most inner frames are set to fill the frame.

It doesn’t matter if these components are created locally or come from a different library. And I only experienced this behaviour in one specifc file.

There is something like a temporary solution that is very strange: When you see frame behaving like that, you don’t have to do anything but click into it. Thats it. Then it resizes and respects the settings again. But you have to manually click into it. And then at some point it jumps back into that kind of behaviour.

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Hey tank!

That is a very nice feature that I did not know of. I think that might do the trick as I have realized something. I cam working in an organisation that has multiple teams, projects files and libraries. So far this is the only file where this kind of stuff happens. As this specific file got too big, we get a warning message of running low of memory.

Maybe the servers can’t fully sync all components and instances properly due to the file size. Maybe that’s causing some of these issues.

The feature that you mentioned sounds logically very promising - but it crashed trying to run it :smiley:

Let’s see if this helps after cleaning up some of the pages

Try activating the incremental method of loading a file (by adding a query parameter to the URL: force-incremental=1) or entering recovery mode (by adding a query parameter: recovery=true).

You can find out more here:

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