Auto-size of a button within a frame

Hello, I’m following this tutorial and in 9.-10. minute he’s resizing the desktop and all content is auto-resizing as well. I followed every step, but he didn’t show the settings for button which I have trouble with now. When I resize the desktop, the button won’t move and it covers the text then. When I set the button as “Fill”, the grey button spreads its width, but I want it to be this width. What should I do?
The first picture is the default state, the second is when I resize the desktop and the button is not moving so it covers the text and the third picture is when I set the button to “Fill” and it spreads its width.

It could be something with your text resizing settings, so I’d double-check that the text is set to “Fill” and “Hug” (see example below)

It’s working! Thank you!

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