Auto Layout Stack

I’ve created several components and use auto-layout to stack elements.

For example, a Radio Button Group where there’s a field label followed by a group of two radio buttons with an auto layout spacing of 16px between them.

My intention is that consumers of this component can copy one of the radio buttons within the auto-layout group and paste it so that there are now three radio buttons.

However, when I try this, it pastes the radio button outside the component - it doesn’t add it to the auto-layout stack.

I’ve probably described that really unclearly but hopefully someone understands! If not, I can provide a few screen grabs….


Sounds to me like you’re trying to paste into an instance, which is not possible.
If that’s the case, what you can do is paste a couple of them inside the component and (un)hide them as necessary.
Or if your component is supposed to have a maximum of three radio buttons why not just make a component variant?

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