Auto layout makes contents absolutely positioned

Hey there, so sorry for the delayed reply!

This automatic ‘absolute position’ was a new, expected behavior following Auto Layout updates made in July 2023. It’s automatically applied to elements that are not a frame to maintain formatting. If you remove absolute position, the elements will stack, which will show the previous default behavior.

This change was made to prevent a frame or layout that you’ve already created from visually changing when you apply auto layout. Even if that means that the auto layout settings you’ve applied might not exactly match what you intend. Previously applying auto layout to a rectangle with an element on top would have moved to elements to sit next to each other, so you then had to move them back or adjust your layers once auto layout was applied.

We understand that not every change will fit with every user’s way of working, but we appreciate your feedback on this. We’ll be sure to pass this onto our Auto Layout team to consider for future versions.

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