Auto-Layout β€”> Last item's position gets set to Absolute automatically

I used to love the Auto-layout property before the Absolute positioning property got introduced. The reason for me to love that property was no matter where my items were placed in the frame, it used to automatically align them all together either horizontally or vertically without causing any issues. But, ever since the Absolute positioning property got introduced - I started facing issues with the Auto-layout property, especially for the last item in my selection.
Whenever I try to select a list of items and apply the Auto-layout property now if the last item is positioned slightly higher or lower than the others the Auto-layout property automatically sets the position of that last item to Absolute which is annoying and I have to go inside the frame to select that item and remove the Absolute positioning property from it.
It’d be nice to not have the Absolute positioning property automatically applied to the item which is positioned slightly different than the others in the list.


I have the idea of absolute positioning, we put an element into the auto layout, if we have decided to turn on the absolute position, every time we have to go to the top right panel and click it is very troublesome, is it possible to drag it in again, hold down a shortcut key, such as command or shift, you can directly put it in the form of absolute positioning, so as to improve efficiency.


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My colleagues had the same problem. After a short investigation, I found that there were many fractional values, like 184.37 in their dimensions, which were caused by unintentional scaling. Apparently, these fractional numbers can make Figma think that some elements should be absolutely positioned.

I’m unsure if the same thing causes your problem, but in our case, bringing the dimensions to integer values (basically just removing numbers after dots) solved the issue.