Auto Layout keyboard shortcuts!

Every release, I hold my breath hoping Figma is going to announce that they’re going to give us keyboard shortcuts for Auto Layout (Fill container, hug, fixed, directional.) - even if its one shortcut to toggle through these modes its better than nothing.

There are so many shortcuts I’d rather sacrifice then this auto layout one. Once you become proficient at Figma, you pretty much use it 90% of the time to design. It’s such a huge feature of Figma so im shocked it doesnt get this productivity boost.

I know many people have mentioned this before, and Im grateful for everything Figma is, but this is the only thing I ask haha.

Let me know what you guys think!

You can set an auto layout object to Hug by double clicking the resize handle, and to Fill by option + double click.

Yeah that one is handy for sure, but i’d still love to be able to toggle back to fill or even change direction :slight_smile:

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