Auto layout in preview devices

Hey guys,

im new to Figma and I am currently playing around with the auto layout features.
In the Project window where I do all the design and prototyping everything changes how I wanted to (The header expands itself when the window gets bigger for example).
I am designing on a 1440px screen width and I wanted to preview the screen on a MacBook Pro 14" Device (1512px width). Is it possible to change any settings that my screen scales to the width of the selected device?
I searched in the community and on google to get an answer to that but couldnt find anything :frowning:

Many thank :pray:t2:

Hey @moritz_myr – currently, we do not have a responsive method to preview prototypes in the way you’re looking for.

I’m going to merge your topic over to an existing feature request, so we can count it as something you’d love to see become part of Figma :blush:

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