Auto layout in FigJam

A tool like Figjam would benefit so much from an Auto Layout feature.

As a user, so often i’ll just duplicate a shape, which will often follow a horizontal or vertical flow.

It makes sense that this would only be possible in Sections.

At very least, you could have it as a Auto Layout “Lite”. You click on the Section, and you can choose the flow to be → or ↓ for new children in the parent section right?

Duplicating a child in a section just places it over the previous shape, literally no one wants that.

C’mon, let’s make this happen :wink:


Hi @Marc_Kremers ,
Thank you for your idea! Do not also forget to vote your idea so we can gauge the overall interest in the Community.

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Loving FigJam and what it has to offer.
Would love to see auto layouts in FigJam as well so all those note blocks can automatically align themselves.


Agreed. As a pm, I would love to use auto layout around my product roadmaps so that when I move/add/delete a milestone or feature, it can change update related roadmaps. I have roadmaps that are ‘connected’ in my brain, but I’d LOVE to create parent/child roadmaps in a cascading logic approach.


+1 from me. I’m so used to auto layout in Figma that I’m missing it in FigJam so much. :slight_smile:

Hey there. While working in FigJam, I came up with the idea to add a feature to rearrange the positioning of elements. Auto Layout in Figma works in a similar way. By pressing the button, the cards are rearranged from vertical to horizontal. This will speed up the work, and you won’t have to manually drag them.