Auto layout hug from bottom problem

Hi community, I have a strange problem, I want to have a tooltip from the above content and want to fill it with text. the problem is that I can’t find a way around it to make it go UP. it works with only layer text with aligned bottom but it doesn’t in auto layout.

Auto layout only hugs it to the bottom.

Know any workaround?

It is impossible to determine from your screenshot how your objects are structured and what settings are applied to them. Could you share a link to the example file?

Without any details, I can only suggest that you check the layers’ constraints and auto layout alignment settings.

Thanks @tank666 for your help

I put in a design file to see if you can figure it out. here is the link with edit access

Basically, I want the text and it’s background to go up when I’m typing and pressing Enter to have two lines of text. Currently, it goes only down with auto layout. I did try to change all the details but somehow auto layout for me only goes down. Thanks

I also attached new screenshot to it

PS: I saw your request, I approved it :wink:

Your vertical constraint was set incorrectly (Tooltip object in main component). It should be set to bottom, not top.

Oh thanks man. now I see where I was getting the cofunsion from. May god keep you in the community forever.