Auto Layout: Frames in instances turn into absolute positioned elements

In my main component, I have a state-layer, which has an auto layout applied to it. The frame inside is not absolute positioned. When I jump to my Instance, suddenly the frame is positioned absolute and i can’t change anything about it. This leads to a false behaviour of my components.

I guess it’s a bug or am I missing something?


I am having that bug too. So annoyed.

Hey everyone,
Thanks for flagging this! We would like our technical specialist to investigate it further. Please reach out directly to the support team by filling this form:
Be sure to use your Figma account email, share your video of the issue, include the link to the effected file, and share it with so they can take a closer look. Thank you!

I have seen a few posts on this in the last few days. You are not alone. Hopefully Figma starts acting on bugs instead of just telling everyone “we know, but you should go fill out a bug report.”

Hi there! Sorry for any miscommunication here - As mentioned, we would like to gather additional information in order to reproduce the issue from the users who are affected by this directly. (and also to check what changes you recently made in the file before you noticed the issue starting.)

This will help us and the technical specialist to better investigate the root cause of the issue (and from the user’s end).

Thank you for your understanding :pray: