Auto layout component "Fix Position"

Hi! I need help, I am reworking on my old mobile UI design. I have recently started using Auto layout for my components.

My question would be:
If my nav bar is in auto layout and I paste it in a mobile frame that is in not auto layout, would it be possible to set it on “Fix position when scrolling” and how? I cannot see the checkbox for it.

I also tried using my old nav bar which is not in auto layout, I can see the constraints but not the checkbox for “Fix position when scrolling”.

Thank you in advance!!

Hey @Kath_Louise,

The “Fix position when scrolling” checkbox has been moved to the Prototype tab.

Is “fix position when scrolling” available for auto layout components?

You can only fix position of elements directly inside the scrolling container. You might want something more than Fix position when scrolling, e.g. position “sticky”, which isn’t possible at this time.