Assistance Required: Retaining Overlay Interactions When Copying User Flows Between Pages

Hello, Figma Community!

I’m currently working on a comprehensive dashboard design within Figma, consisting of numerous screens and hundreds of components, each incorporating various interactions, including overlays. My goal is to replicate a specific user flow from one page to another within the same file, primarily for demonstration purposes.

After copying the desired user flow to a new page, I’ve encountered an issue: all overlay interactions are no longer functional. It seems the root of the problem lies in the fact that the original components (with their associated interactions) are situated on the main page, disrupting the interaction pathways in the copied flow on the new page.

Could anyone advise on how to resolve this issue, ensuring that the user flow on the new page operates as seamlessly as it does on the original page?

I hope I made myself clear and understandable. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Varun_Sharda, Thank you for reaching out about copying prototypes. I understand how important this is for demonstrating your project.

When you create a prototype connection from a main component and use instances of that component in your designs, the prototyping connections of the instances will be inherited from the main component.

Unfortunately, linking interactions with other pages is currently not supported. If the destination frame for the overlay is on a different page, the interaction may not work. For more details, you can check out here: Add prototype connections to components

I tried this on my end, and one potential workaround could be to copy and paste the destination frame of the overlay action from the main page to the new page, then change the destination frame for the overlay actions to the frame on the same page.
I’m not certain if this would be feasible if there are many overlays, but it’s worth considering.

I hope this information helps. If I missed anything, please let us know. If anyone in our community has had a similar experience and has insights or suggestions, please feel free to share them here!

Additionally, I found a feature request that you might be interested in here: Create one prototype across the pages in a file Feel free to take a look!