Arrow keys nudging doesn't work properly

When the alignment buttons are clicked, nudging your selection get “disabled” because the button focus still remains on the alignment buttons. Because of that, the arrow keys scrolls up and down the right sidebar instead of nudging your selection.
Once you click out of the alignment buttons, the focus returns to your selection, and nudging works again.
This also happens when you click the [+] autolayout button; the click focus stays on that button. When you remove the autolayout by clicking the same button, the same issue persists.

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Hi there! Sorry for the trouble and our delay in the response.
This looks odd,we are not able to reproduce the issue on our end. I saw on our backend that the technical special is looking at your issue and is waiting more details to investigate it further. Please check your inbox, your ticket is 990842. Thank you!

Thanks Celine, it looks like the bug has been resolved!


Glad to hear that, @Prateek_Thapa!

Please let us know if you run into any further issues.