Are there alternatives to do scroll to action on an overlay menu?

Hi everyone! i am trying to link a menu to a part of my one-page landing, but as it is an overlay menu, Figma doesnt let me put the scrill-to interaction. Is there any other way or alternative that i can link that overlay menu to the different sections of my landing? Thanks in advance!!

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. As it stands, this feature can only target objects within the same top-level frame, which unfortunately doesn’t support scenarios involving overlays or separate frames.

If you add Scroll to using the Interactions section of the Prototyping panel, you can only pick direct children of scrollable frames. To pick any object within the top-level frame, drag out a noodle and link it to the object you want to set as the destination.

It’s indeed very interesting to see how the community comes up with creative solutions to these sorts of challenges.


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