Anyone else having elements in Figma glitching and wiggling

I am using the desktop application on a Mac and I noticed that some elements will wiggle and glitch as of today. I recorded a video of what I am seeing. It also seems to delete text and I have to enter it multiple times. I have tried restarting the app and my computer but still happening. I also asked team members to see if it is happening on their end and they are seeing what I am seeing.

Last part that seemed to have started today is when I try to exit out it is saying “I have unsaved changes”. I thought it might be a memory issue, but it says I am only using 12% of my available memory.

Video of issue

Hi Ryan! Thanks for flagging this, this looks buggy. GPUs have known bugs and may cause rendering glitches when using Figma. I’d recommend you first to check the Figma browser requirements, and please reach out to the support directly here for help: The technical team can have a deeper look into what’s causing this. Thank you