Any update figma to URL structure?

Hello everyone!

I use the API endpoint “” to pull images from Figma frames, the way I know what file and what node to pull, is by copying a link to the frame in Figma and then parsing the info, yesterday the link would look like this “…”, today it looks like this “Free Design Tool for Websites, Product Design & More | Figma…”.
Was there any change in the URL structure, or is there any other reason why this might happen?

Sorry the link today is the same as yesterday but instead of /files it says /design

Yes, Figma has made changes to the file URLs. Now they look like this:{file_key}/{file_name} # Figma Design files{file_key}/{file_name} # FigJam files{file_type}/{file_key}/{file_name} # other types in the future

You can find out more here:

Thanks @tank666
Did they announce these changes anywhere?

This was announced in an email newsletter for developers and on the Discord channel.

Thanks @tank666