An issue with 2FA via SMS

There is an issue with 2FA via SMS, confirmation code never receive. When I try to login to my account I got an error note: “Error sending message. Please use your recovery code”.

FYI: I have no recovery code.

Communication with Figma support had failed… they just stopped responding after I sent out information to verify my ownership of the account.

It’s now the third day since that situation happened… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Same problem :frowning:


Similar problem. After cleaning the browser cache, I decided to log into my account through the browser (I was authorized in the desktop version). I entered the correct username / password, but a message appeared: “Error sending message. Please use your recovery code".

Password reset is not possible: a password reset form comes to my email, when I enter a new one, the same message appears again. I decided to log out in the desktop version, it didn’t help. Entering backup codes or authorization via SMS is also not possible (there are no input fields).

It is also the third day since all my started projects are lost.


I have a similar problem, I can’t log in to my account, after entering my login / password


The situation is the same!
I couldn’t log in to my account from my work PC. Later I tried to log in from another browser at home - the same error. I managed to find the access codes in Figma, but I can’t enter them anywhere :frowning:

I appealed to tech support 2-3 days ago, waiting for an answer


I was able to solve this problem and I realized what this error is related to

Let me say in advance that the method will require write access. Since the error is related to two-factor authentication (I had it enabled via SMS), I tried to turn it off in my profile. If you try to turn it on by phone number again - you will get an error that this method is not valid in your region. This is most likely the reason for this error. That’s why I advise you to use the setting through the authentication app

But do not be upset for those who have lost access. I advise you to write another application in order to disable this protection manually, as support for SMS has been disabled and you can not do this yourself

Всем хорошего денечка :slight_smile:

Напиши на русском инструкцию, а то непонятно. Можно в этом треде: Не могу зайти в аккаунт - #10 by Natasha_Golubkova


Да, пожалуйста, если можно подробнее объяснить последовательность действий, будет круто)

Расписал в топике по ссылке выше!)

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Hey @Natasha_Golubkova,

Apologies for the delayed reply! As you were informed, the process takes 2-5 business days. We have limited support over the weekend, but we’ve confirmed that your case has already been escalated and someone should reply soon.

Hey All,

Many users are able to self-resolve this issue by trying the following:

Check all browsers and apps used to see if you’re still logged into Figma:

  • If you’re still logged in, you can remove 2FA settings from your Figma account settings. Please scroll down to the “Remove two-factor authentication” section in our article: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

If you can log in with Google:

  • You can sign in with Google to bypass the 2FA process. Please go to and select the “Continue with Google” option.

Your account’s 2FA code is generated by an app:

  • The apps you might used to set up 2FA could be: Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy, or 2FA. You can read more about this option in Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). If you haven’t already, please make sure your 2FA app is installed and up to date. If you have trouble installing the app or accessing the authentication code on your app, please reach out to that app’s Support team.

If these options don’t work, you can request that Figma Support removes 2FA from your account manually through our identity verification process by submitting a ticket here:

Please note that we can’t guarantee you’ll pass this process. We handle these requests with care, and the process on average takes 2-5 business days.

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Thank you for your response. It would be great to get it via email where the main conversation is supposed to occur rather than creating a corresponding forum topic.

Ignorance on the status of your account and the fate of all your works and projects in Figma makes you “somewhat” nervous. Weekends are good days, but those days may not be weekends at the other end of the world where the users of figma are.

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While you are resting and not resolving an urgent issue, users with a paid subscription are not able to access the service.

The service does not work because something is broken on YOUR side, it is not the users fault.

Figma is a working tool, and many clients have a real related job. Waiting in the dark for two to five days is unacceptable, it is a terrible support service. Especially for those who pay!

Will these 2-5 business days of unavailability for the Figma service be paid?

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Hey @Andrew73,

We understand your frustration. Again, many users are able to self-resolve the issue with the suggested solutions above, or the confirmation code eventually arrives or it is found in a junk/spam folder.

The process only takes 2-5 business days, because we need to verify your identity before making any changes to your account. We would never want to immediately remove 2FA and allow someone who is not the true owner of the account to bypass important security measures.

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