Allow users with edit access to restore as well as delete other users' files

I recently deleted in error a project containing a file that I had created and three files that a colleague from the same team had created.
I was able to restore my own deleted file, but not the files of my colleague. I have been advised by Figma support that, while any user with edit access to files can delete those files, only the user who created the files in the first instance is able to restore those files.

This strikes me as a pretty big flaw in the system: either users shouldn’t be able to delete others’ files at all, or they should be able to restore them as well.
Being able to delete but not restore seems to me like the worst of all possible worlds.


Hey @Ian_Macbeth, thanks for the feedback!

To clarify, while you can’t restore other’s files, the actual owner of the files is still able to restore any deleted files from their own Deleted folder.

Hi Denise,

Yeah, I totally understand that, and fortunately my colleague was able eventually to restore her deleted files when she returned from annual leave.

However, I still maintain that it is inconsistent and potentially confusing to have different levels of permission for deletion and restoration of the same files. If you can delete it, you should be able to restore, and if you can’t restore it, you shouldn’t be able to delete it.

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