Allow users to specify Enter button behavior for Comments

tl;dr: Let users choose in Figma settings if they want the Enter button to submit a comment or to add a new line to a comment.

For me, the worst part of using Figma right now is instinctively hitting Enter to add a new line to a comment and instead accidentally submitting an incomplete comment.

I’d love if I could have a Figma setting that would allow me to set the behavior for the Enter button. I am a-ok with the Figma team setting the default behavior of the Enter button to submit a comment, but please, please let me change this in settings.

I’m typing new lines in eight other programs all day long using the Enter button and Figma is the only app that won’t let me preserve this common user interaction pattern.

Thanks, y’all!

P.S. I switched this setting in Slack so that Enter adds a new line and it changed my life. No more back to back to back messages for my co-workers and way fewer typos making it into my messages. Highly recommend the practice and would love to see it in Figma, too.