Allow to change the prototype settings on a non-visible element

I would expect to have a possibility to add/modify the prototype settings.
Now, when a layer is not visible by default and I want to set its prototype settings I need to enable its visibility. When this visibility/non-visibility is set by a variable, the element visibility becomes disconnected with the variable, which is annoying and happens without notification (snack-bar?). I would expect to have a possibility to set the prototype actions on any element whenever selected and whether it is visible by default or not.

Example - I have a numeric input field which I want to limit between 0 and 10. It’s 0 by default so I don’t display the down arrow, as it cannot go under 0, so the downward arrow visibility is connected to a boolean set “false” by default. In consequence it is not visible on the layout but I still want to set conditions for this arrow when it’ll appear (i.e. when the value in the input will be greater than 0)


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