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Allow modifying "Decoration" to the text styles already defined

One option that could be useful is to allow modifying the decoration of a text that has already been defined as a text style, because that way you do not have to create two or more text styles to simply add the decoration. As with alignment, it could be added below. thanks

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When you add a link to text it automatically underlines it which is nice, however, in doing so it breaks the current text style that was applied. So if you update that text style the link text doesn’t update. I realize there are a few work arounds but none are ideal:

  1. Re-apply the text style but then you lose the underline
  2. Re-apply the text style and then change the color of the text to make it stand out. This seems like too many steps.
  3. Create a “link” style which includes the underline and apply that after adding the link. Again, extra steps.

It would be great if the links could just leave the text style as is and possibly add a faux underline or give the option to create a new style. I’m not sure what the best solution is as I haven’t put a lot of thought into it but wanted to throw this out there for discussion and possible suggestions.


Yes, I would love if text styles could have overrides just like components. The connection to the style would remain, but the properties of weight, size, underline, italics, strike-through, line height, letter spacing, paragraph spacing, advanced type settings could be overridden. When a style is updated, any property not overridden would get automatically get applied and it would be possible to reset overrides.

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Love it!

Came here to suggest the same thing!

Yes! Being able to override individual parts of a text style without breaking the link would be great, just as it works with components. At the very least decorations and capitalization transformations.


Been fighting Figma on with this exact thing for a long time now. Specifically for link styling. I’d rather not have a second style just for links.

It seems odd to me that list style can be overridden but decoration not. So I wholeheartedly support the idea of making text styles overwritable in a similar fashion to components.
For those working with Material UI components that would also be a significant help as material component tend to side step typography line heights on a whim.

+1 here – I have to break almost all text styles in our project order to display the correct format of elements like this