Allow me to pop out the variable window

It would be really nice if I could pop out the variables into their own window. Currently I can only have it as a dialogue in Figma, which means it always overlaps over my design and especially on smaller screens this becomes quite the issue.

I often need to see variables and my design at the same time, so moving it to a second monitor (or even on a laptop quickly switching with alt + tab between the two) would be very helpful.


YES PLEASE! :slight_smile:

A little late to this one, but I actually found a way to (almost) do what you request.

  1. From your Figma window “pull” the tab you are working in out of the tab bar, to make it into its own window.
  2. Pull that window to your second screen and open up your variables window.
  3. In your main Figma window, navigate to that same file and open it, so you essentially have two instances of the same file open. One in the main Figma window - where you can work on the canvas, and one in its own window (on the second screen), where you manage your variables.

I’m experiencing no considerable lag between the two instances. And the changes made in the variables window are instantly reflected in the main Figma window where the canvas is shown. Only slight annoyance is that you have to click once to activate the relevant window in some cases, but that quickly becomes a rutine thing.

Try it out!

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Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll pass these along to our internal team.



Agree! The variables modal can sometimes take up a large portion of the screen, it would be ideal if we could shift this to a second screen

Found out one trick… Ctrl + Shift + N will allow you to open same file in new window, then just pull it to second monitor and open variables, works just fine.